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The Hasselblad X1D – First Take

I am often accused of taking photography seriously. It’s absolutely true! For me, photography is my entire life. It embodies my personality, the way I see, feel and function. It is my way of having a conversation with the world. I view it as a serious craft, which...

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It is finally happening!

It is finally happening. The Medium Format platform and the accompanying Medium Format Magazine are here! It was only two years ago that digital medium format photography was the privilege of a very few mostly commercial and fashion photographers who could justify...

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50 Shades of MF

Gear-related discussions are everywhere. They usually take the form of Camera A vs. Camera B. In recent weeks, with the announcement of some new medium format cameras, the debate turned into APS-C vs. Full Frame vs. Medium Format. When I started shooting with medium...

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Interview: Fujiguy Billy Luong

Following the successful 2018 Photokina, there is no question that Fujifilm is not holding anything back in the medium format market. With three major medium format cameras: GFX50S, the most recent GFX50R and the upcoming GFX100, the company is quickly becoming a big...

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First Impressions: Fujifilm GFX 50R

The shiny white box was a bit smaller than the original GFX box I remember – and lighter. Inside were the usual bits & pieces including cables, strap, charger and the camera body itself – which was smaller that I imagined! It lacked the bulk of the first GFX....

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New Hasselblad lenses!

Hasselblad is expanding its lens choices for the X1D medium format system, including the fastest Hasselblad lens ever: the XCD 80mm F/1.9. The other two are XCD 65mm F/2.8 and the XCD 135mm F2.8 telephoto lens with X Converter 1.7. This addition brings the number of...

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