Although many users of the original X1D enjoyed its size, portability and image quality, its speed and slow operation dampened its overall appeal. With the just-announced X1D II 50c Hasselblad has decided to build on the camera’s strengths—portability, ease of use and image qualityas well as addressing the speed issues along with some technical updates. It appears that instead of checking as many feature boxes as possible, Hasselblad has put emphasis on the shooting experience.  

Indeed, the improved X1D II 50c retained its beautiful design, portable size and general ease of operation. It is a camera which can easily be taken out of the studio and handheld all day without any fatigue.

We had the chance to hold the camera for a few minutes and it feels incredibly solid and of premium quality with all the parts crafted from the best materials. The graphic grey exterior looks absolutely stunning. You really feel you are holding something very premium.

We are glad that Hasselblad kept the same comfortable and confident grip, allowing shooting without a strap. In fact, the X1D II 50c feels like an oversized compact camera. It is hard to believe it is medium format. 

One thing that we liked right away was the giant LCD screen on the back. It may well be the largest LCD screen of any medium format camera; the 3.6-inch 2.36-million-dot touch display is very easy to get used to. After looking at it for a few minutes you feel all cameras should have a screen like this. Surprisingly, even though it is mounted on such a relatively small camera, it doesn’t overwhelm the design but rather enriches it. 

The electronic viewfinder (EVF) has been upgraded to 3.69-million dots and a high magnification of 0.87x with the possibility of having more information displayed inside the viewfinder. 

The sensor remains the same 50-megapixel CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9mm), which already provides great image quality. Hasselblad emphasises its dedication to natural colour solution (HNCS) technology integrated in the camera itself, allowing the photographer to achieve “true-to-life” tones that match what the human eye sees. 

Given the refinement of the camera, Hasselblad priced the X1D II 50s very competitively at US$5,750 and EUR 5,000. The camera is available for order right away with delivery dates of July 2019.

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P.S. We will be publishing the first impression piece along with some sample images shot on the streets of New York later this week. 

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