It is finally happening. The Medium Format platform and the accompanying Medium Format Magazine are here!

It was only two years ago that digital medium format photography was the privilege of a very few mostly commercial and fashion photographers who could justify spending the equivalent of a new car to purchase a medium format system.

All those years, most of us could only admire, lust and dream. Whether we admit it or not, the appeal of digital medium format was always there. Now, this fantasy is rapidly changing to reality. The spectral hand of innovation and competition has brought us brand-new medium format tools. In fact, we have reached the point when many of us could sell our collection of lenses and cameras and enter this no longer exclusive world of digital medium format photography.

When I made my own entrance to this exciting new world, one thing struck me right away. I felt lost and deluded. Other than a few occasional articles about digital medium format photography, I couldn’t find any place on the internet or elsewhere which would guide me in those crucial first steps. I needed a place to call home, where I could find like-minded individuals for whom the craft of seeing was no longer just a hobby. Furthermore, the availability of materials to navigate these exciting but very different waters were scarce or non-existent.

I soon found that I wasn’t alone in this search for knowledge, inspiration and companionship. Whether we are seasoned pros, advanced amateurs or beginners, learning about the precision and craftsmanship that medium format demands is something that bonds us together.

This union prompted me to create a new home for medium format photographers like you and me. We knew from the start that the only right name for this new home must be Then the idea of the Medium Format Magazine followed, sort of naturally, not out of necessity but rather as the side-effect of my passion for visuals and words.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do it myself. As I talked to numerous industry leaders, writers and photographers the idea became clearer: a clean website with high-quality, curated and exclusive content from the best medium photographers in the world.

At a glance, you notice that there is free content on the website grouped in three sections: NEWS, GEAR and VISION. As we progress, you will find something new, informative and inspiring every week.

However, if you decide to go deeper into the world of medium format photography I urge you to join us and become a member. You will find truly unique and exclusive content. At the centre of this membership community is the monthly Medium Format Magazine. This is not just another online magazine. From the start, we wanted to create a premium publication with exclusive content presented in a clean, beautifully designed format without the clutter of ads and sales pitches.

We also offer our members live and immersive webinars by the best medium format photographers in the world. Already, the first webinar is scheduled for October 20th with Ming Thein.

Then there are the education and inspirational publications, written for and accessed exclusively by the members of our platform, centred on digital medium format photography.

This is just the beginning.

My team and I are looking forward to your feedback, thoughts and suggestions. How can we make this new home for medium format photography welcoming, informative, inspiring, interesting and alive? We will be reading all your emails and considering seriously every suggestion. In fact, if you would like to contribute to the magazine or the website please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s build this new world of medium format photography together. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will join our community. Please make sure to leave us your email address so we can stay in touch.

Have great light and seeing,

Yours truly,

Olaf, editor-in-chief