For those of you who missed it, the April edition of the Medium Format Magazine is out!

This month we start off with a fascinating interview with Jonas Rask. I have had the privilege of knowing and interacting with Jonas on a regular basis. When you look at his publishing and writing schedule you would think he must be a full-time professional with an army of people working for him. But it is passion and a zest for seeing that drives this full-time doctor and allows him to produce so many great images, articles, gear shots and more. Did I mention his passion for old cameras and involvement in development of some camera products? How does he have the time? Make sure to read our fascinating interview with this photographic tour-de-force and read his “prescription” for finding joy in photography. 

© Jonas Rask

In this month’s column “In Pursuit of Transparency,” Ming Thein revisits one of the most important questions: “What is Medium Format?” If you think you are going to find trivial, overdone definitions, think again. Ming, in his witty and fact-based style, invites us to think about the subject from a slightly different perspective. Whether you are a gear lover or not, you will enjoy this informative and thought-provoking piece. 

On the following pages, you will find Ioannis Tsouloulis’ article, “How I Connect with the People I Photograph for my Intimate Portraits.” This appears to be simple but somehow, we all struggle with it – how do we connect, interact and photograph people in front of our lens? Ioannis provides us with specific, real-life cases and shares his methods and techniques of working with his subjects. A fascinating and educating read!

Next, Lloyd Chambers shares the results and his personal conclusions following his in-depth testing of the 100-megapixel Hasselblad H6D-100c camera. With a new generation of medium format cameras with 100-megapixel sensors coming to the market this year, does this magical 100 really make a difference in comparison to 50-megapixel devices? You must read Lloyd’s piece and his conclusions to find out! 

Next, yours truly will share some thoughts about “taking visual risks” and why it really pays off to go beyond your own specialization, to try ideas and types of photography you are not familiar with or maybe not fond of at this time. I am sharing my personal thoughts about why I think an occasional detour could be beneficial for you and your business. I hope you enjoy my piece and the accompanying imagery. 

The next piece by Ibarionex Perello tackles very important ideas of style and talent. Ibarionex, in his usual articulate and thoughtful way, shares his thoughts about technical proficiency, personal development, satisfaction and building a body of work which would be uniquely yours. Ibarionex’s personal experience and years of interactions with the best photographers in the world though his iconic “Candid Frame” podcast allow him to present a perspective which is unique and grounded in an unprecedented body of knowledge. What a fascinating read!

The next article by David Szweduik is the first in what it will become a new section dedicated to medium format filmphotography. While this month we decided to leave the current fluid form of the magazine intact, you will soon see a clear separation – or in other words a more prominent section of the magazine dedicated to medium format film. David’s article is an important one because he shares his story of starting in medium format film as it happened. What a great start for the upcoming film section of the Medium Format Magazine. 

Alex Burke continues to explore film photography with his case for large format film photography. Indeed, when looking at Alex’s work it is difficult to argue otherwise. The amount of detail, tonal transitions and the general beauty of the files is jaw-dropping. Warning! After reading this you may want to hit some used-equipment camera stores for some gear shopping.  

Last but not least, Mac Sokulski has been shooting film for only a year. As someone who has previously worked with both digital and film, his account of limiting himself to medium format film photography brought many unexpected and fascinating discoveries. Mac shares this experience in great detail along with imagery taken during the year of “no digital allowed.” 

© Mac Sokulski

I trust you enjoy the articles and imagery presented in the April issue. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. We are always looking for your feedback. 

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