The May issue of the Medium Format Magazine is here!  

Peter Delaney opens the issue with his deep, personal and thought-provoking piece, “In love with landscape” in which he shares his journey to landscape photography. The accompanying imagery will not only surprise you but will certainly WOW you. What a great piece!

© Peter Delaney

Then Ming Thein, one of the most prominent voices in the photographic industry, shares with us a bold and provocative but honest and eye-opening essay, “Asking Difficult Questions.” He asks, “Why are all cameras, and more importantly, shooting experiences, pretty much the same?” The piece will certainly steer a very important discussion about camera design and the future of the industry. A must-read!

In this month’s column, “Beyond Medium Format” Ibarionex Perello writes about “Breaking free of trends.” In his usually witty and thought-provoking style, Ibarionex shows us the lure and fallacy of photographic trends. I am confident that you will find this article informative and engaging. It’s a much-needed mirror into our state of seeing. Priceless! 

© Ibarionex Perello

In this month’s interview, I had the pleasure of talking to Swee Oh, a brilliant architectural photographer and someone with whom I immediately made a personal connection. The way Swee sees and crafts her imagery is very special. When architectural photography could be cold and impersonal, this is certainly not the case with Swee’s work. She does something not many photographers are able to do. She captures the soul of the subject and makes those stunning constructions come alive. A fascinating interview, with a unique personal story. 

© Swee Oh

You would think that a piece created in transit would be somehow compromised and dull. Not from Patrick La Roque! Not “Frailties.” In his usual sharp-witted and poetic style Patrick shares his thoughts about photography literally “on the fly” but with such finesse and depth that I couldn’t stop reading and re-reading every sentence. When photographing a random person in the airport he writes, “To get close enough. I might steal her soul, unnoticed” – watch out. This piece may indeed do just that.   

J.D. Floyd follows with his insightful piece, “The story behind creating the image.” You will learn about the photo shoot in a beautiful and visually striking location. J.D. Floyd shares his personal story and fascinating tale of one photo shoot. What a location! What imagery! 

In the next piece, Ian Howorth takes us into the world of medium format film photography. And what a rich world it is! It is such a pleasure to soak up and enjoy those cinematic, brilliantly crafted images along with the story of the photographer himself. I am glad we are getting to know Ian better because I am thrilled to say that you will find his pieces and imagery in the next issue of the Medium Format Magazine as well. 

© Ian Howorth

This month, Alex Burke is “Exploring the intimate landscape with large format.” As he wanders through forest and wilderness, he shares pieces of his seeing captured so beautifully and shows us the world we often miss by chasing yet another beautiful grand landscape. Large format is the perfect medium to capture the beauty and intimacy of small-scale nature. Indeed, reading Alex’s piece and looking at the details only large format can capture, I am in awe and you will be too!

The last article is a very important piece by Ian Ross Pettigrew, “The living heroes project.” We usually stay away from displaying or promoting personal projects, but we feel this one is special. In the buzz and excitement of daily life we often forget that some projects cannot wait, that some stories must be told – not tomorrow but now. This is one of those important projects. Ian is already off to a great start and you can see the first images from this important project. We at the Medium Format Magazine will do our best to support this project and we hope you will do the same. 

I trust you enjoy the articles and imagery presented in the May issue. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. We are always looking for your feedback. 


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