In the last few weeks many of us around the world have been staying at home. Although it may seem that enjoying photography from home is hard, there are many ways we can still work on our beloved craft. We asked some of our contributors about their photographic ideas when stuck at home. We also included some from our FB MediumFormat Group. Enjoy and stay safe! 

Steven Friedman

I would suggest you go back through your catalogue of images and try to organize the imagery in projects or themes. Many of us photograph different locations around the world. I have found there are themes in what I like to photograph. They may include abstracts, reflections, single trees, or large forests, etc. Once you have the images together, you could print the images on 11” x 17” paper and have a local book binder bind the images for you. I did this when I was first starting out. It made me think about what interests me and where I could improve and not get into the routine of framing and choosing similar subjects when out on a shoot. 

My other idea is simply to go on the net, find photographers that you admire and study their images to try and learn why the image works and what you like about them. Study the light, composition and subject.

Take Kayo 

Out of necessity I’ve been doing most of my product photography at home in my garage. I use the floor of my garage as my backdrop because the texture of the cracking paint makes for an interesting background. Since my garage is south facing, I wait for the right time of day to photograph my gear and use a mirror to bounce light back towards my subject. Whatever gear you enjoy (cameras, watches, shoes, pens, etc.) find the best light in your home and have fun trying to photograph it.

Vincent Lions

If you are at home with your children, set up a mini home studio and take a beautiful portrait of your kids. It can be a fun thing to do together and it will keep them entertained. Then send the portrait to all your loved ones. Grandparents, aunts and uncles will be absolutely delighted to receive big loving smiles from the youngest ones. More than ever we need to connect to the people we love.

Holger Nitschke 

The situation forces us to SLOW DOWN and maybe it’s the perfect time to gain some experiences in analogue photography! 

I just purchased another film camera (Rolleiflex 3.5) and now I’m getting experience with the wonderful camera and development of films. My preferred subject is portrait/people/fashion but it’s really fun to gather objects together or take nature shots with the camera.

Ewan Dunsmuir

Sort your catalogued files out… Or create a $10 studio with a white sheet, window light, and shoot away! #Happyhometime


Derick Miller

I have started doing at-home assignments in my photography group, since we can’t hold meetings right now. Here is the first one. Select a subject. Find five compelling angles to photograph that one subject (experiment with up, down, left, right, front, back, close, far). Subtle shifts can often make a big difference in how well it comes out. Post your best five.

Rivki Locker

I’m documenting the impact of the virus on our home lives. Here are some photos I took yesterday of my kids making toilet paper! (No, we are not out of toilet paper or close to it, but this was their way of acknowledging the crazy times and filling an hour or two with a fun project. 

Don Parsisson

1. Pretend you’re a detective investigating a crime that took place in your house or apartment. Then take pictures that could be used as evidence by either the prosecution or the defence. 
2. Pick words at random from a dictionary, book or newspaper. Then make photos in your house or apartment that fit the words. 
3. If you live with someone, take turns photographing each other doing the same thing. If you have a way to print them, make a small book with the images on facing pages. For extra credit you could mail or email a copy to someone.

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