My name is Olaf and I am editor-in-chief of the Medium Format Magazine and the PDF Exclusives series. I created this community and the Magazine with photographers like you and me in mind. Like you, I care deeply about the craft of photography. I value great imagery and exclusive, substance-rich and thought-provoking writing. So I contacted the best medium format photographers and writers in the world, teamed up with a professional English editor and the best layout designers. I did it all because I wanted to make sure you open each issue with anticipation and excitement and close with renewed zest for crafting great imagery. I would be delighted if you joined us today and became what we call ourselves – Medium Formatters!

The January issue of the Medium Format Magazine is here!

@ Cooper & Gorfer  

Sally Jennings and I had a pleasure interviewing Nina Gorfer and Sarah Cooper, known as Cooper & Gorfer. Copper & Gorfer’s imagery is absolutely beautiful, rich in colour and texture but most importantly so abundant in meaning. Sally writes: These people were real. I felt that this was how we should live. This was who we really were. Instead, we impose on ourselves a world that’s pragmatic and disciplined and mechanical and we ignore the sweeps of our giddy brain. I want to leave my world and enter theirs.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. The body of work produced by Nina and Sarah is remarkable not only in its artistry but also in its intellectual richness. Indeed, a must-read interview!

Jonas Rask in his column “Keeping it Alive” makes a case for the panoramic format and shares stunning imagery to prove his point. After all, we all love cinema but somehow we stay fixated on the formats imposed by our camera viewfinders.

© Jonas Rask

Take Kayo, a frequent traveller, shared his thoughts about “The Joys and Pains of Travel Photography.” Take’s great writing, the streets of Hong Kong and the medium format camera – you cannot go wrong with that.

In this month’s edition of “In Pursuit of Transparency” Ming Thein tackles a fascinating question: “Does composition change with format?” I must admit that when I read this title for the first time I couldn’t wait to dive into his piece. It will make you reconsider any preconceived ideas. This is what great writing is all about.

This month yours truly writes about “The Palouse Effect.” Even though my forte is street and travel photography, every year I try to make a visual pilgrimage to the Palouse region in Washington if not for the remarkable landscape, certainly to refresh my seeing and break the visual patterns imposed by big cities. I hope you enjoy this piece and the imagery.

Our guest this month, Sandy Ramirez, shares his experience of shooting with the Pentax 75/2.8 SMC 645 FA lens on the 645z medium format camera. Sandy takes us behind the scenes of three photo shoots – all with the same lens. A great account of a professional at work!

Lloyd Chambers continues his technical series about “Maximizing Image Quality with Shot Discipline.” This month Lloyd tackles the important subject of camera vibration and handheld shooting. As a notorious hand-shooter, I found his advice eye-opening and very useful especially in terms of shooting with highly demanding medium format gear.

Who would be a better person to “Search for the Why in Photography” if not Ibarionex Perello? Indeed, Ibarionex in his column “Beyond Medium Format” passionately and eloquently challenges us to go deeper into our photographic self. In his article, he asks the questions which everyone needs to ask in order to become a more articulate photographer.

Finally, we have the Readers’ Exhibition with stunning work selected by us from all submissions. Seeing these images in print has been such a treat. I am convinced you will like them too. Here the image submitted by one of our readers, Cam Garner and taken with the Phase One XF IQ3-100. 

@Cam Garner

Over the course of the next few months we will try to expand our coverage and bring aboard new medium format photographers. We are already working on two fascinating interviews, which will be in the magazine shortly. Also, keep in mind that the PDF Exclusives are part of your subscription package. They are designed to be educational mini-magazines, which I am sure you will find entertaining and educational.

My team, the contributors and I hope you will enjoy this issue.